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Have you been thinking of seeing a Registered Dietitian?
Perhaps, you already know that a registered dietitian is different than a nutritionist. In fact, the title “registered dietitian” is a protected title, which means that you can make sure you are receiving consultation from a professional who provides you with evidence-based information.

Dietitians are professionally trained to help you live a healthy lifestyle by translating the most recent scientific findings about food and nutrition into practical advise that you can implement in your every day lifestyle.

You may choose to see a registered dietitian to discuss general healthy eating, or to receive more specific support for various purposes such as: weight management, prenatal health, and management of chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, celiac disease, gastrointestinal concerns, kidney disease, etc.).

Typically you would start with a general consultation where your dietitian gathers information about who you are, your lifestyle and your diet. You will then continue to work together with your dietitian to develop a nutrition care plan and receive ongoing support to overcome barriers as you make progress towards your goals.

If you live in a neighbourhood where it is not easy to access a dietitian, or if you would rather avoid eye-to-eye contact with the dietitian, perhaps you could benefit from online or phone counselling. Online Nutrition Advice offers you the option to connect with your dietitian through a secure online video chat system, or over the phone. You are provided with the material and tools needs through email or via mail.Note that if you have a health benefits plan, you may be covered for the Registered Dietitian services that you receive.