The Dietitian

Sanaz Baradaran, MSc., BEd, RD

Hi! My name is Sanaz and I am a registered dietitian based in Toronto. I am passionate about health and nutrition, and hope to use my expertise in this area to help individuals live happy and healthy lives.

I have personally experienced the significant impact that a healthy lifestyle could have on an individual and I hope to share this with other members of my community.

I understand that we all have unique needs based on lifestyle, income, career, health, physiology and … you name it! Therefore, it is fair to say that we each need a customised nutrition plan to stay healthy. I hope to work with you and help empower you to achieve your personal goals and live the healthiest life you can live!

I know it’s not easy to make decisions when we are exposed to so many different ideas through media and social networks. The reality is, while change can be challenging, it isn’t as hard as it appears. You can eat better and still enjoy the food that you like. All it takes, is a bit of mindfulness and modifications to old habits. Over the years, I have seen many individuals transform their lives by simply choosing to make healthier choices. To become a healthier you all it takes is to start believing in yourself and take action! I hope I can be of assistance.


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