Is it “bad” to eat late at night?

It’s 11 O’clock at night. Your stomach is growling, but you are hesitant to eat. It’s “bad’ to eat late an night, right? In fact, whatever you eat at night immediately turns into fat, right?
Well, not exactly!

There are so many factors that need to be considered. First, remember that what you eat over the course of the day matters more than the timing of it. Of course,  one could argue that sometimes when we eat late at night we are eating in excess of our daily caloric needs. Perhaps we are not being mindful of our hunger cues and eat because we are bored or experience an emotional need to eat. On the other hand, remember that it makes more sense to eat earlier in the day and keep yourself satiated, rather than going around hungry and coming home to a huge meal. Therefore, generally speaking, late night eating is not a good habit, specially if it involves big meals.

These point being mentioned, it’s important to know that it is entirely alright to eat late at night when you are actually hungry. It is important to eat mindfully and in response to your body’s cues! Moreover, you should be mindful of the “type” of food you snack on later at night. The infographic below summarizes the key points you should consider:

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