5 Quick and Nutritious Snacks

Snacks are an important part of your meal plan

Snacks are a great opportunity for us to re-energize and provide our body with nutrients. I am also a big advocate for snacks when it comes to weight management, because they keep you satisfied and reduce the chance of overeating at meals. In fact, before I go to a party or out to eat at a restaurant, I usually have a small snack to avoid the temptation of ordering an appetizer or a large meal.

Every person is different, but the general recommendation is to have a snack between each meal, where meals tend to be 4-6 hours apart. Snacks can also be important to those who have to take medications at certain times (with food), for those who exercise and individuals who have low blood sugar levels.

Snacks could be healthy and nutritious

My grandma thinks of snacks as junk food. Of course, you can include some of the most nutritious and tasty food choices as your snack. A healthy snack could be a simple food item such as piece of fruit, a serving of dairy (e.g. yogurt, milk, cheese), vegetables and a nutritious dip (e.g. hummus, yogurt dip), cereal, oatmeal or nuts. You can always be more creative and combine these simple ingredients to create fun and exciting snacks.

Here are 5 quick and nutritious snacks you can easily prepare!


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