“Dietitian-Approved” Peanut Butter Toppings

It is suggested that you include protein at every meal to help you feel full and satisfied for longer. Breakfast is probably the most challenging meal when it comes to protein, as the choices are limited. Common sources of protein for breakfast include: eggs, dairy (Greek yogurt, milk, cheese) and nut butters.

Now, I have to admit, my motivation for getting up is breakfast! So I need to have exiting breakfast – I certainly can’t do PB & J sandwich every day! To change it up, I try different nut butters and different toppings.

Two slices of whole grain bread with 2 tablespoons of nut butter provide you with approximately:

35o calories

15 grams protein

6 grams fibre

Just make sure you are purchasing natural nut butters. To ensure this is the case, look on the ingredients list – it should have nuts as its only ingredient.

Here are some toping ideas for your nut butter sandwiches!


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