What kind of eggs should I buy?

Buying eggs could be a challenge for some of us! I see people standing by the fridge and staring at eggs for minutes… looking confused and overwhelmed! It’s funny how something as simple as “eggs” could be marketed in so many different ways. Let’s see if this post can help relieve some of that “stress”!!!

The eggs sold in Canada are antibiotic and hormone free, and are produced following set standards for food safety – so they are safe!

Brown eggs are NOT more nutritious than white eggs.

White eggs come from white hens and brown eggs come from brown hens. They are only from different breeds and their nutritional value is not affected by this. So if you are buying brown eggs thinking that they are healthier, I’m sorry to say that this is not really the case. Standard eggs, brown or white, come from hens that are raised in conventional housing systems. You may choose to not purchase standard eggs considering animal rights concerns and issues related to the conventional housing systems.

Free-Run and Free-Range Eggs

These eggs come from hens that are placed in barns or in aviary housing systems where they are allowed to move freely within an enclosed area. While free-range hens live cage-free, the free-run eggs are still provided with different forms of enrichment, including nesting boxes.

Organic Eggs

These eggs are from hens that are also raised in a free-range housing system. In addition, they are provided organic feed (i.e. feed that does not contain pesticides, herbicides, and commercial fertilizer).

Omega-3 Eggs

These eggs are from hens that are fed with extra flax seed, which is a source of omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, these eggs have a higher omega-3 fatty acid content and could contribute to your omega-3 intake!

So what kind of eggs should you buy?

In terms of nutritional value, I recommend omega-3 eggs, especially if your diet is low in omega-3 fats! In terms of other considerations, well… it is really your personal decision. I care about animal rights and do my best to buy brands that are animal friendly. Of course, this is not my area of expertise and I can only comment based on what I know.  When I buys eggs I try to look for Free-range omega-3 eggs. If I could afford organic eggs, that would be my number one choice.



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